High-Temperature and Vacuum Furnace Experts

MATERIALS RESEARCH FURNACES, INC., designs, manufactures, and services high-temperature, vacuum and controlled atmosphere furnaces for a wide range of applications. MRF, Inc has a line of standard products and also builds many custom furnaces to meet specific customer requirements. MRF products are used worldwide by laboratories, universities and the production industry.

High Temperature Furnaces. Laboratory Furnaces Production Furnaces Arc Melt Furnaces Hot Press Furnaces Heat Treat Furnaces Custom Furnace Designs
Materials Research furnaces
High temperature vacuum and controlled atmosphere Furnaces up to 3000C.
Laboratory Furnaces
Smaller versatile research furnaces, ideal for colleges, universities and laboratories, temperatures up to 3000C. more...
Production Furnaces
Our larger, high throughput furnaces for automated batch processing. Themperatures up to 2300C. more...
Arc Melt Furnaces
A low cost alternative to reach temperatures up to 3500C almost instanteneous. more...
Hot Press Furnaces
Pressure testing furnaces ranging from 0.5 Ton up to 100Ton, temperatures up to 2300C. more...
Heat Treat Furnaces
Annealing, brazing, CVD, MIM, powder metallurgy, sintering and more, temperatures up to 3000C. more...
Custom Designs
MRF designs and builds furnaces to customer specifications, large or small, with temperatures up to 3000C. more...

Furnace applications:

Are your application requirements not obtainable with "off-the-shelf" ovens? MRF, Inc. specializes in high temperature furnaces customized for specific application needs. Many of our furnace systems are custom assignments where each one is uniquely built and configured for the specific needs and requirements of our customers.

If you have a more common high temperature furnace application, we can supply you with one of our many time proven competitive standard products. Learn more about our various products. In addition to our complete furnace systems and standard accessories, we also provide heaters, shielding, insulation, chambers, rough vacuum or high vacuum systems, hydrogen kits, control kits and other parts specially designed for use on vacuum furnaces or controlled atmosphere furnaces manufactured by others. See our Parts & Accessories section.


LabFurnace, High Vac, 4x8 tungsten, 2500C
2200C Furnace with HMI

General Furnace specifications

  • Temperature ranges from 500C to 3000C
  • Vacuum Atmospheres down to 10-11 Torr (mBar)
  • Pressures up to 1500 PSI (100 Bar)
  • Hydrogen, Argon, Nitrogen, Helium, air or other environments
  • Physical testing up to 100 Tons
  • Load sizes up to 10 CuFT (0.35m3)
  • Loads up to 1000Lbs (500Kg)

Vacuum Furnaces

MRF builds vacuum furnaces with any commercially available vacuum system components. Most of our system include a rough vacuum system which is capable of evacuating the furnace chamber to 0.005 Torr ( mbar). Some processes require higher purity levels in which case we supply high vacuum systems which adds either a turbo pump, diffusion pump or cryogenic vacuum pump and assiciated valves and vacuum gauges to work in conjunction with the roughing pump. These systems can reach vacuum levels down to 10 E-10 range! The vacuum pumps can be oil free further eliminating possible contaminants. Vacuum furnaces allow materials to be heated up to very high temperatures with extremely low contamination.

Some of the benefits of a vacuum furnace are:

  • Uniform temperatures
  • Removal of contamination or by-products.
  • Excellent repeatability.
  • Prevents Oxidation at high temperatures.

Look at our products for our different types of vacuum furnaces.

MRF, Inc. consists of highly experienced engineers and technical people and we consider ourselves high temperature, vacuum and controlled atmosphere furnace experts. Due to our wide products range and our wilingness to build about any furnace, our products are used for a wide variety of functions and applications. The list below is a sample of processes our furnaces are used for.

High temperature Furnace Applications:

Alloy creation, Annealing, Arc Casting, Arc Melting, Brazing, Binding, Casting, Ceramic Firing, Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD), Chemical Vapor Infiltration (CVI), Compound Synthesis, Crystal Growing (Bridgman ,Czochralski, Stepanov), Debinding, Degassing, Dewaxing, Densification, Diffusion Bonding, Fiber Drawing (Optical, Graphite, Silicon Carbide),Gas Purification, Gem Creation, Heat Treating, Hardening, Hot Pressing, Laboratory Research, Material Densification, Metal Injection Molding (MIM), Melting Point Determination, Metallic & non Metallic button creation, Nano-technology, Physical Testing, Powder Metallurgy, Purification, Quenching, Silicon Nitriding, Reaction Bonding, Sintering, Surface Heat Treatment, Temperature Sensor Calibration.

Furnace Types & features

  • Vacuum furnaces
  • Pressure vessel furnaces
  • Inert, reducing or oxidizing furnaces
  • Bell Jar furnace chambers
  • Retorts for isolated gas environments
  • Multi zone chambers
  • Round or rectangular chambers
  • Front loading, top loading, bottom loading furnace designs
  • Extra ports to accomodates added equipment & sensors
  • Graphite, tungsten, tantalum or molybdenum heat zones

Chamber and hot zones

MRF also offers service, upgrades or re-conditioning of your existing furnaces. For older systems we can modernize existing controls, add data acquisition, or update controls to a full blown, easy to operate HMI/PLC controlled system. See our Accessories page for more information.

Many of our furnaces are custom designed by our experienced engineering staff and each one of them is a success story. We stand completely behind our products and guarantee our equipment will meet your expectations. Whether your process cycle takes 3 minutes or 3 months, we can build you a reliable production furnace, a high tech research furnace, or both, for any environment. For export to European or other foreign markets, we also build furnaces conforming to CE standards.

Materials Research Furnaces, Inc. takes great care in providing you a quality product that is reliable, simple to operate and user friendly. The operation of any MRF, Inc. system can be mastered in just a few hours. MRF, Inc. furnace systems will complement any laboratory or facility. All our products are made in the USA and we don't compromise when it comes to maintaining our high quality and reliability standards. To learn more about the technical aspects of our products, click here.

MRF offers competitive pricing combined with economical, ergonomic and reliable quality designs, giving you one of the best values for your money in this industry.

So what are you waiting for? Contact Us and tell us about your application. We'd love to hear about it.